“1m3 of Sunflowers”
Place Furstemberg – Paris – France
23 May 2019 – 02 June 2019
Parcours Saint Germain
Site Specific Installation

Curator: Silvia Bettoli
Artist: Aaron Nachtailer

Being in relation with nature is a peculiar condition for humanity. Art is essentially a dialogue with the landscape, or rather with the many landscapes that surround us and with the society in which we live. A tribal world and an individualistic world, art can take all forms and all its forms dialogue with the Earth and with the man who populates it. A sanctuary, a temple, nature at the center of the universe in search of a new ritual.
In Europe, the landscape is a product of man. What we see is an anthropomorphic landscape. Man is nature is the landscape which has produced culture. When working with materials: with wood, stone, clay, they have their own character, which can also be only physical. This character, over time and in human history, has become a cultural character of "spirituality", linked to matter, which has its own identity, its specific presence.

What distinguishes Nachtailer's work is his deep attachment to his birth place, the Patagonian landscape, expressed coherently in a poetic style, in images with very dense but extremely simple forms. Its trees, which tend to an absolute mental image. Trees are not designed as figurative signs, but as instruments of ritual practice.
The artist operates a reversal between exterior and interior, between natural space and cultural space, and the work of art corresponds to the primary physical material for excellence.