“THE RAW & the cooked”
Palazzo Baronio – Ravenna – Italy
06 October 2019 – 03 November 2019
Art Exhibition

Curator: Silvia Bettoli
Artist: Aaron Nachtailer

Being in relation with nature is a peculiar condition for the artist. Art is in dialogue with the landscape, or rather with the many landscapes that surround us, and with the society in which we live. A tribal world, and an individualistic world.
A vision of reality, according to which there is a symbolic correspondence between natural entities and spiritual truths; nature is a repertoire of moral teachings.
It offers man the possibility not only of freedom and aesthetic enjoyment, but also of recollection: man finds himself.
Art can take all forms and can also become magical-narrative. All its forms interact with the Earth and with the man who populates it.
The artist shows the invisible hidden in the visible and the work hovers an enigmatic and oracular atmosphere. Its trees, which tend to an absolute mental image, trees not intended as figurative signs, but as instruments of a ritual practice.
The artist proposes constant attention to the surrounding world in order to avoid interference with his inexhaustible intertwining of relationships. As the Wu Wei philosophy, an attention that demands the maximum mental clarity, without fixed rules and unchangeable categories, established according to exclusively human canons, which hinder the spontaneous flow of natural events. The goal is to keep human beings in harmony with nature, so that the world follows its natural evolution.

Nature as the center of the universe, in search of a new rituality.