“THE RAW & the cooked”
Fortuny Factory and Garden – Venezia – Italia
07 September 2019 – 15 September 2019
The Venice Glass Week
Art Exhibition

Curator: Silvia Bettoli
Artist: Aaron Nachtailer

Maison Random presented at the third edition of The Venice Glass Week, Aaron Nachtailer exhibition “THE RAW & the cooked” curated by Silvia Bettoli with the collaboration of Fortuny Factory Giudecca.
The title is borrowed from Claude Lévi-Strauss, the french philosopher that identifies the cooking of food as a fundamental element of the cultural order, the mediator of the passage of a society from the natural stage to that of social rules.
"THE RAW & the cooked" is a series of sculptures made of cypress trunks, wisely used with granite tonalite dell' Adamello, and the Murano glass.

"An invitation to the visitor to take a moment, stop time,
and find a balance between his rational and natural part".

Conceived and realized in the gardens of Fortuny Factory at Giudecca, a magical, private place. A world between reality and utopia: intimate, secret, peacefull, where still today, they create, following ancient techniques, linked to experience and knowledge.
Fortuny Factory has kept the “savoir faire” of Fortuny fabrics for a hundred years, nothing more contemporary, timeless. Conceived for this gardens, the works take on a dreamlike form, to fit into this exceptional place.
For the artist, being in relationship with nature is a peculiar condition. Producing a reversal between exterior and interior, between natural space and cultural space, and the work of art corresponds to the primary physical matter par excellence.
A vision of reality, according to which there is a symbolic correspondence between natural entities and spiritual truths; nature is a repertoire of moral teachings. It offers man the possibility not only of freedom and aesthetic enjoyment, but also of recollection: man finds himself.