Palazzo Marcello – Venezia – Italia
13 May 2017 – 25 September 2017
during the 58th Biennale di Arte di Venezia
Art Exhibition

Curator: Silvia Bettoli
Artist: Aaron Nachtailer
Artist: Jam Sutton

The invited artists develop and investigate a contemporary three myths: Narcissus, Eco, Zeus.
The myths have a profound value were created to speak to our unconscious, to help us understand what we want and what we fear, what we fail to deal with and why.
The myth of Narcissus in itself contains many elements easy to read for modern psychoanalysis itself contains the completeness of two opposing aspects between them: the view, Narcissus and the voice, Eco.
In a contemporary key, relational exchanges, more and more virtual, occur through social networks, Aaron investigates the need to re-connect with himself. The use of photography is instrumental and to self celebrate.
An end in itself?
What is the value to be or to appear? And if it's true that it is the contact with each other that we build our identity, entertaining virtual and instrumental relationships we can only fuel the construction of identity, perhaps beautiful. But empty. The myth of Zeus and the metamorphosis at the end of seduction. An identity that is not ours.
Jam investigates and explore s the metamorphosis and the relation with the virtual identity theft by using the net and 3D digital printing